Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Exciting new ART • VENTURES...a new idea

Art Dwellers is excited to announce the launch of a new idea to encourage youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7 to explore, learn about art, and express themselves.  Each month your child will feel special receiving a fun filled package in the mail addressed to him/her.  Inside, your child will be delighted to find everything that they will need to complete engaging and appealing projects.

Developed by a retired art teacher and life long artist, your child will be excited to receive arts and crafts, experiments, and creative play projects geared to their age level.  Along with materials needed, each package will include clear step by step instructions, and expanded ideas meant to encourage further investigation.  Here are some examples:

Here is a great project your child can feel proud of hanging up in their room.  Through this project your child will practice writing letters, tying knots, cutting; learn about symmetry, color, and sameness.  Further related ideas would include practicing their letters with other mediums such as sidewalk chalk, crayons, markers, finger paint, sand, bath suds, etc. (one of which would be included in the package).  It would be suggested that your child look for letters in books, stores, signs, etc.  and decide how he/she likes certain color combinations.  As well, he/she would be guided to notice how the same letters can look different  in appearance.  

This fun project will inform your child about color, proportion, relief,  texture, drawing skills, the artist Henri Matisse, and symmetry.  Further project ideas would include rubbings to understand textures (materials included), looking for insects outside with a magnifying glass or binoculars (materials included), a short blurb on the life of butterflies, and suggesting to imagine things in different colors.

Make some noise.  Easy to make and hours of fun.  Play some music and have your youngster keep beat with his/her new instruments.  Do you remember making up your own songs when you were young?  Now your youngster can sing and play at the same time...a one man/woman band, or he/she can invite a friend over to play along.  Do a rain dance with your child in hopes of bringing on rain.

How it Works....
You can buy one month or a years' worth of projects.  Each project is mailed out at the beginning of each month addressed to your child.  It will arrive in an Art Dwellers box and will be a surprise for both of you and your child as to what is inside.  It will either be an arts and crafts, experiment, or a creative play project.

Price Guide/Order Information....

1 Package/Month $19.50

Each Additional Sibling $8.00 for extra materials added to the monthly rate.
OR for one child 12 Packages/Months for $214.50 (equal to one free month) (rate can be adjusted for more then one child) Postage Included

How to order....
Email Art Dwellers at  We will then ask you to fill out a form with your child's name, age, address and your email. Then we will send you a pay-pal request.  Once the payment is received we will send off the project(s). A mailed personal check can also be arranged if needed. Any questions please feel free to contact us. In the near future, monthly packages will also be available at the Art Dwellers store along with various classes and much, much more!




  1. We received our package yesterday and loved it! My daughter was so excited about opening the box and seeing all the supplies. The package is great everything you need is inside and the instruction are great. My older son was able to help her with the instruction. Overall, I would definately say this is a great deal. Plus, the supplies inside can be used for additional projects. The Walker Family loves it!!!

  2. This has put a smile on our faces. We truly want for the kids to have a good experience with our projects.

    You are all signed up for July. Welcome aboard!