Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Our Mission......

Who are you suppose to be?  Playing it small does not serve our world.  We are not here to live mediocre lives fearful of using our God given talents and creativity.  No, we were meant to shine and in so doing, we encourage others to shine too.  Every one of us unique in our gifts, every one of us making a positive difference in our world.

Art Dwellers exists to create an environment in which people can freely express who they are and who they are becoming through artistic expression in many forms.  The store has an inviting, relaxing feel, full of inspiration, and sells only hand made items including clothing, jewelry, art, stationery, accessories, etc. It is also a place where, at any time, people can walk in and create a masterpiece of their own.

Art Dwellers’ blog is meant to encourage creativity through shared ideas and inspired projects of all kinds.  I am so excited to share my intense desire to create with other like minded people.


  1. Hello Laurie, Glad that you can join us. We hope that you are enjoying the blog so far. Stay tuned as there is a lot more coming:)

    It's so good to hear from you.