Saturday, 25 August 2012

Painting Party at Art Dwellers

We had our second Painting Party last night.  It was a blast.

In preparation for this event, I marked the middle of each canvas so that my guests would know where to start making their stripes, then I cut out enough fleur de lis from paint-able wallpaper for everyone.

To begin with, I had everyone choose two acrylic paint colors that would go in their homes and use the lighter of the two to completely cover their canvas.  While that was drying, I asked that everyone paint the same light color on their fleur de lis.  

While the fleur de lis was drying they needed to start the stripes.  Each started with 1.5 inch painters tape down the center of the canvas using the marks I gave them for a guide.  After the first strip was put on, they lined up the next strip right along side of the first.  Then they lined up another strip beside the second making sure that the tape didn't overlap.  Then they pulled the second strip off.  They used the second strip they had just pulled off and placed it flush with the third strip and then placed another strip beside that one.  Again, the middle of the three strips was removed.  This continued on until there was no place left to make stripes.

A darker, deeper color was used to paint the second stripe color, and then immediately they pulled all of the tape off their canvas.  Now they had a striped canvas of their light and dark colors.  They went back to the fleur de lis and lightly brushed the top of the raised paper with the darker color they had chosen earlier.  Some even put a third color on. 

We went ahead and glued the fleur de lis to the striped canvas with mod podge and/or my favorite fabric glitter glue.  Then they dry brushed some colors over their stripes.  Once that was complete they outlined the outside of the fleur de lis with a dark color.  

Finally they glued, with E6000, the metal strips I had prepared for them. 

Everyone was so pleased with their piece, and some art has already been placed on my guests walls:) 

 I just need to say.  The art was good, but just hanging out with these women was the best!


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