Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another Great Review, Music Art!

This is a guest post by our wonderful friend Rachel who blogs and did a great review about our art dwellers projects by mail! You can learn more about how to receive these projects by reading our previous blog entry.

Art Dwellers is an art business down in Friendswood, TX that asked my kids and I to try out a couple of their art projects!  Crafts?  In the mail?  With art supplies and instructions???  Yes, please!!!
Jayden got a box full of stuff to create some musical instruments.
First up, a tambourine.
Jayden started by using water colors to paint on some paper circles.
We then put dried black beans on a styrofoam plate, covered it with a second plate, and then tied strings through the pre-punched holes.
Jayden squirted glue all over the top of the plate and he put one of his painted circles on top of it, and then did the same thing on the other side.
Once the glue was dried, viola!  Tambourine!

Next up was a rain maker.
Jayden used a paper towel tube and glued colored paper all over the outside of it.
Then I rubberbanded a cupcake liner to one end and Jayden filled the tube with dried rice.
And I rubber banded another cupcake liner to the other end and we had our rain maker!
Our kit also came with a music man mustache!
These are by far the best kid instruments in the house, they make noise, but are not super loud, so the kids can play them as much as they want without me wanting to throw them out the window!

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